Tractor-Trailer Collisions

Michael S. Wilensky, LLC represents families who have lost loved ones or have been seriously injured due to the actions of a tractor-trailer driver or company. Our knowledge of and experience with the federal trucking laws and regulations and the nuances of truck accident litigation allows us to obtain the maximum monetary award possible for our clients.

At the time a tractor-trailer causes a collision, through the tractor-trailer company’s computer systems or through the driver contacting the company, the tractor-trailer company and their insurance company are notified right away that a collision has occurred. At that time, the tractor-trailer company and insurance company get experts to the scene right away. When a tractor-trailer or insurance company’s expert arrives on the scene, they are collecting all the data to help their case of why the driver or the company was not at fault. And, sometimes during this time evidence goes missing.

When Michael S. Wilensky, LLC, receives a call that a tractor-trailer collision has occurred, we send our experts to the scene immediately. Our experts are not only collecting evidence to prove the liability and harm caused by the tractor-trailer driver and company, but also to protect our client by making sure no evidence disappears.

There are many types of collisions that can occur due to a tractor-trailer’s negligence, but the ones we see the most often are rear-end collisions, running traffic signal in intersection collisions, left turn collisions, under-ride collisions, improperly stopped (no warning markers) tractor-trailers and improper lane change collisions. In each of these cases, we prove who bears the liability and responsibility for the collision. The responsible party may be the truck driver, the truck driver’s employer, the company that owned the truck, the company that owned the trailer or the company that leased the truck or the trailer.

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