Serious Auto Collisions

When a person is seriously injured by another person driving a vehicle, the responsible party’s insurance company is going to do everything they can to devalue the injured person’s claim. The insurance companies are for-profit companies and have trained their employees, adjusters, experts and defense attorneys to do everything they can to make sure the insurance company keeps as much money as possible.

After a collision, the first encounter an injured person will have with the insurance company is the adjuster. The adjuster will try to ask you many questions. Their goal is to get you to say key words that they will use against you in the future. They may also ask you to send records or documents to them. Many times they ask for documents that they have no right to see.

In Georgia, there are many different damages claims that can be made for a person who has been injured in an auto accident. Based on our experience, the most common we see are claims for the medical bills, future medical bills, lost wages, and a claim for pain, suffering, anxiety, shock and worry.

Pain and suffering is not a made up term. This is an item of monetary damages called a general damage, which is different than a special damage (like medical bills). The Georgia Supreme Court has identified 8 factors that a jury must take into consideration when deciding the value of an injured person’s pain and suffering claim:

  1. Interference with normal living;
  2. Interference with enjoyment of life;
  3. Loss of capacity to labor and earn money;
  4. Impairment of bodily health and vigor;
  5. The fear of extent of injury;
  6. Shock of impact;
  7. Actual pain and suffering, past and future;
  8. Mental anguish, past and future.

We have handled hundreds of auto accident cases. We have the experience to protect our clients and do everything necessary to obtain optimal compensation for our clients, while they can solely focus on the most important thing – getting proper medical care so they can heal from their injuries to the best of their ability.

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