Injuries to Children

A parent cannot imagine anything worse than an injury to their child. When a child is injured it can look as though there is no legal claim and not only will the child suffer from the injuries and pain, but the parent will also suffer financially. However, many times there are laws through the Georgia Code or Georgia case law that provide a claim against a person, company or institution that did not perform proper security or maintenance that can allow a claim for an injured child.

These cases are important not only for the injured child and their family, but also to make sure that the person, company or institution fixes the cause of the injury so other children are not injured in the future.

A claim for a minor child it can be a very complex situation. It takes a skilled, understanding and compassionate trial attorney to properly identify the act of negligence and the grounds for raising the claim.

In Georgia, when a child is seriously injured, there are multiple claims; one for the parents and one for the child. The parents claim consists of all the medical and other expenses related to the injury and care for the child up until the child’s 18th birthday. The minor child’s claim consists of all the physical and mental pain, suffering, anxiety, shock and worry suffered, past and future medical expenses incurred once the child turns 18, and any loss wage claim once the child turns 18.

A claim or lawsuit for an injury to a minor child cannot be handled like a normal catastrophic injury case. An attorney must understand all of the aspects of catastrophic injury claims, as well as the specific dangers that confront minors and the laws that are there to protect them. When a child is injured at a care center, school, playground, pool, by a toy, or by another child you need an attorney that has experience with the laws and standards to properly identify the law that applies in that specific case..

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